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Love this place... when I first looked at the menu I was worried! But I stepped outside of my normal self and went for it! It is the bomb, the homemade soda shop and sandwiches are great, the staff is always awesome! Plus they have great ice cream! Try it you won't regret it!  ~Junior Gordon

By the personal recommendation of someone along with great reviews on the Talk of Alvin FB site, today was my first time to visit The Sandwich Shoppe at Medic One Pharmacy. We received a very nice reception and an informative explanation of the items on the menu. They even offer samples of various ingredients which was a refreshing offer!!
Big Elmer and Big Willie made for a fabulous lunch!  We will be back!  ~Barbara Blanchard Reed 

Awesome food, drinks, and employees. Hidden jewel for sure.  ~Jordan Bagwell

Wanted to give another review on The Sandwich Shoppe at Medic One Pharmacy. It was delicious!! Had this was Supper tonight!! I love this place!!!! I got their featured sandwich, the sandwich you can't refuse. The Italian. Got the combo with a drink and chips. I tried their raspberry tea for the first time. It was delicious!! Also the chips were really good too. I was talking to the ladies about their soups and they were just getting ready to change them out for the evening so they gave me a little bit of each soup. The tomato soup and Chicken tortilla soup. Both were the bomb delicious!! The Sandwich was awesome!!! Loved it!! I got to talking to the ladies about visiting previous times and that I'm part of the Alvin Eats page and I've seen other posts about their place from others here in the group and they gave me this card to use and bring back and one of the ladies even marked a few extra off the card too! The two ladies were very nice and friendly when I was ordering. This place it wonderful!!! 💜💖 
If y'all haven't tried this place y'all have to check it out!!! ~Amy Elizabeth McReynolds

The River Oaks, Pork Belly (BLT basically), Big Elmer & the new Italian one are my personal Favs but my bf likes to sub roast beef on his Big Elmer instead of the turkey, & can't quite commit to trying a new 1 of his own but he always wants a bite of mine ( or half if I don't hide it in the fridge I lose it lol bc it's a good size sandwich & w/chips I can't eat it all)& he's always liked those too except the onion, but he'll pull em off & jack me regardless lol. Try it if u haven't, you won't be disappointed. My kids eat the river oaks but they hv kids meals w/ half a sandwich (ham, turkey, bologna, whatever they'll eat)chips, cookies but mine are 10 & 12 so they aren't kids anymore lol. ~Abby Shry

This is the most amazing, delicious little sandwich shop. They make their own special mayonnaise and handmade shakes and soft drinks. We had a nice long visit with Anthony, the owner, he is a fascinating gentleman. I, highly, recommend this little place... Yummy.   ~Caroline Pumphrey

Love their sandwiches! The staff is very friendly.  ~Alexandra Clark

My mouth is salivating thinking of a sandwich from the sandwich shoppe! ~Trista Stokes 

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